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Harmful bacteria Campylobacter

Dangerous bacteria detected Campylobacter on packages of chicken in supermarkets in the UK.

Studied the surface of raw chicken packs in British supermarkets. On the surface of nearly 40% of packages found dangerous bacteria Campylobacter. The bacteria causing the disease each year over 300 000 people and are responsible for more than 80 deaths a year in the UK alone. The presence of these bacteria on the surface of the packaging, may contribute to cross infection in stores while reaching for merchandise from the shelves and putting contaminated packaging in the basket full of other products, often ready to eat. Data from the EFSA said that about 80% of chicken carcasses in the market were contaminated with Campylobacter bacteria.


Source: Rory Harrington, "External packaging poultry campylobacters harbors threat - report"


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